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Court Booking

We provide Tennis court bookings. Anyone can book a court at any time for up to x3 (longer if courts are available). We prioritise ‘Pay & Play’.

Kids Coaching

Tennis Coaching for kids and Innovative Tennis Programmes To The Younger Age Group Starting 4 Years+. We have trained 5,200+ kids since 2001.

Adult Coaching

Tennis coaching for adults is available for all levels throughout the week. They take place with our experienced coaching team. Click on  Get Lesson and Book Now.

Parks Tennis Leagues

If you would like to play competitive doubles each week as part of a team, then the Brighton Parks League is the ideal opportunity. By joining the Preston Park Tennis Club team you will also be invited to weekly club sessions.

Tennis Courts in Brighton and Hove

Preston Park Tennis Courts is a Community interest group that manages and enhances the eight tennis courts in Preston Park. We have the best Brighton Tennis courts committed to keeping public access to the courts, and we prioritise ‘Pay & Play’. Anyone book a court at any time for up to x3 (longer if courts are available). There are some times when local groups and tennis coaching programs book courts.

We have our app where you can book tennis courts. Our system only allows you to book available times up to a week in advance. This means you can make your booking in advance, and you know the court will be open at that time.

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Who are we - Tennis Courts Brighton, Best Pay and Play Tennis Courts

Brighton has many great tennis courts, but If you are looking for the best tennis courts Brighton, here we are. We have a great system to book your tennis courts online from your home on your mobile. 
Download our Preston Park Tennis Courts app available for Android/IOS and start booking. There is a valuable guide to book Tennis courts on the go. Select a time according to your need and pay the amount.
We are the community that enhances eight courts in Preston Park. We have the best team to maintain them so that you won’t feel Repentance for your booking. You can also find someone to play with by joining our WhatsApp group if you are alone. You get the independence of booking courts for as long as you want in advance for the next seven days with the user-friendly interface of our app.

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Tennis Courts and Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

Is a tennis coach worth it?

Are the tennis coaches worth it? The clear answer is yes, whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced player, a tennis coach will always help you improve some steps in your game.

There are many other options; why should I choose Preston Park Tennis Courts?

They might offer less than our pricing, but our coaches have extra knowledge, punctuality, companionship, dedication, and vital ability to push you to the right decision here at Preston Park tennis courts.

Do you only provide Court Booking Service?

No, we provide a full range of services apart from Court Booking with Kids Coaching, Adults Coaching and online Tennis Lessons. We also have tournaments for all levels.

Why are tennis courts Blue now?

Court’s colour was changed from green to blue, which has improved the ball’s visibility for players and tennis fans. Tracking the ball for television viewers was made easy. 

Is learning tennis hard?

It depends on your dedication and from whom you are learning; you need proper flexibility, agility, speed, strength and hand-eye coordination. The hardest part might be learning the mental side of the game and different shots for different situations. 

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Our Team

Dan Travis


Dan has written and implemented tennis coaching programmes for 20 years. He founded Brighton based Tennis Tigers in 2001 and currently works as Director of The Art of Winning programme.

Io Kaloudi

Adult & Kids Coach

Io has been competing from a young age and continues to play in tournaments. Io specialises in teaching young children and works with the Tennis Tigers programme. Io works with the Adult coaching programme and is available for private lessons.

Charlotte Prior

Kids Coach

Charlotte is a key part of the Tennis Tigers coaching programme and specialises in teaching young children.

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Lucian is an assistant in the Tennis Tigers programme and is a competitive player.

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