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  • Tennis Tigers has been running highly successful after school clubs since 2001.
  • We are experts in delivering innovative tennis programmes to the younger age group starting 4 years+.
  • Our programme teaches around 500 children every year to play tennis. Trained 5,200+ Students till now with fabulous tennis lessons!

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Tennis Lessons For Children

Is your child very passionate about the yellow little ball and big championships and eager to learn tennis skills? I don’t think a lot, just find the finest coaching or tennis lessons for children near me and subscribe to them.

We here at Tennis Tigers Tennis Club welcome children who want to learn tennis skills and have a tennis coaching program according to their level. The tennis coaching we provide for chidren is from beginners to advanced players. We ensure every child’s progress should be tracked by taking their current status into account.

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Trained 5,200+ Children till now!


Yes there is junior membership of £60 a year that allows children to play (with or without an adult) at a reduced rate. This scheme is open to everyone.

Yes, PPTC and Tennis Tigers are sponsored by Head and we have a full clothing and footwear range for children.

Children can start playing at 4 years of age

Yes we do. We run a full programme throughout the week and during school holidays. This is run by ‘Tennis Tigers’ and you can see the whole programme here www.tennistigers.co.uk

We give tennis lessons to younger age groups of 4+ years. The child of 3 years is too young, and they will not understand what you are teaching. But, still, you can bring kids to courts and just roll the balls and introduce them to tennis. 

You have to start introducing your kids to tennis when they are 2 or 3. Show them what a racket is, and teach them how to hit a ball. Just make sure all the things you are teaching should be light according to their ability. Bouncing tennis balls up and down will make them familiar with the sport.


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Trained 5,200+ Children till now!