Brighton Tennis Courts and Clubs

Brighton has many great places you wish to play. All types of ground surfaces are available like clay, grass, synthetic or hard, and you can play tennis in all variations. You can book courts online from their apps or websites. Some also have the indoor option if you prefer Indoor tennis or whether it is not good to play tennis. 

If you want to borrow a tennis racket or equipment, you must confirm before booking a court online. Play singles or doubles as you wish and enjoy your game at your booked court. You will get free tennis lessons starting in some places, so it’s an excellent chance to learn the basics. 

Brighton has many tennis professionals, so if you are willing to get expert coaching, you will get a great experience in Brighton. Focus on the main elements you are looking to work on and improve your game. You get to experience many tournaments or local competitions at some courts to test your expertise and work on the weaker side of your sport. 

Preston Park Tennis Courts


Situated at Brighton and Hove in the conservation area of Preston Park, we have multiple tennis courts and a club. We also have kid’s tennis coaching, provided by Tennis Tigers. 

PPTC offers local and team competitions, private lessons, and tennis coaching for kids and adults.  

Visitors can book their court online for just £8.00 per hour. Click here

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