Private Tennis Lessons in Brighton and Hove for Beginners

Need to learn tennis and be situated in Brighton? You can learn tennis faster if you have the best courts nearby and people to play with daily. But the main point is that you might suffer if you don’t have a proper Coach. Many tennis professionals live, and you have a great chance to be a proficient player in Brighton, England.

Tennis Lessons for Kids (Children) and Adults (Grown-ups)

Kids tennis coaching
adults tennis coaching brighton

We are here full-year train players according to their skills, Junior and adults tennis coaching service that we operate at Preston Park. PPTC is made up of multiple professional coaches. We have different coaches of different age levels. As a private coach, everyone is well experienced to teach in groups and individuals. 

Whether you are an experienced player or new to tennis, we are here to provide private or group lessons for you. Our main aim is to make every child a tennis player by providing the best classes and as much fun as possible. Every player will make new friends and learn new fundamental skills. 

Private tennis lessons are the best way to improve your game and maintain the standard. You get a typical person that focuses on you and understands your personal goals. They focus on improving your fitness and match play and the techniques required. Required corrections and technical analysis is done from time to time on your volleys, backhands, forehands and serves.

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