Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my child’s tennis game?

Your child should have a proper introduction to Tennis; let’s see the key points. Read books that are appropriate about Tennis. Always be with your child when any tennis match is going on television. Make him go outdoor to play Tennis on his own. Register your child to nearby tennis lessons. If you live in Preston, Brighton and Hove, you have great tennis Children coaching available, Tennis Tigers. Always make sure your child is playing with the appropriate size of tennis equipment.

Which tennis court is great for beginners?

All you need is a perfect form to establish as a beginner. The Clay court is an excellent option if you plan to introduce yourself to tennis and learn how to play tennis. You can easily slide on the surface as dirt is very easy on the knees on clay courts. The ball comes slowly as compared to other courts.

When should I replace my tennis coach?

Keep your coach if you have improved your tennis game and won more tennis matches than usually in your local area or tournaments. And if you are not satisfied or not improving your game, then it’s time to replace him. You can view on Youtube what will help you win more tennis matches, compare your coach’s lessons, and see what he is lacking. We have a Youtube channel full of free Tennis lessons for winning more tennis matches that talks about the best ways to hit forehand, backhand, serve, etc.

How do I choose the right tennis coach?

The best way to find a tennis coach is to go to the nearest club or park. You will get many coaches ready to teach you and improve your game. Becoming a club member allows you to access the finest lessons from your favorite coach.
We have the finest tennis coaches that track your performance and give lessons that will improve your game according to your capabilities. Also, if you live in Brighton and Hove, you are lucky to have Preston Park Tennis Courts in your locality.

What is a tennis court?

A Tennis court is a fundamental and essential thing if you are planning to play tennis. You can play singles or doubles tennis matches. The venue where tennis is played and a place where the net is stretched to the centre of the court.

How much does a tennis court cost?

It will be a great idea if you plan to build your tennis court, but that will cost you a lot according to the budget. We here at Preston Park Tennis Courts charge you just £8 per hour. One can say Preston Park has a great Pay and Play tennis courts. You get a well-maintained and beautiful ground to challenge your friend.

How do I book a tennis court in Hove?

Preston Park Tennis courts can be booked online with an android or IOS application in advance for your wanted dates, and make your schedule to play with your loved ones and challenge in the courts. We have the finest-maintained courts in Preston Park courts. Download the app and find the time and date that suits your schedule.